Sweet Percent

Fresh baked goods and desserts with delicious bubble tea since 2019!

We have been serving fresh baked goods and desserts with delicious bubble tea since 2019! All of our products have been made with fresh premium ingredients.


" One of my favorite places EVER!! They have a lovely variety of fresh baked goods everyday. They also make some of the BEST bubble teas. I have to drive over an hour to get here and I am always happy with what I get. The staff is always smiling and polite and I appreciate the time they take to answer questions and provide amazing customer service! "

- Cyra D

" Literally YUM!!! So good. It’s possibly the best boba I’ve ever had. While it does take them a little longer to make the drinks, it’s because it’s fresh and you can taste in the finished product. Customer service is on point also. Such a cute place! And affordable! Such a hidden gem"

- Natalia J

"Very New, but its so perfect on the inside! It has the vibe of a bakery from a comic. The decorations are welcoming and make you feel like you walk into a different world compared to the strip mall where its located. The person who took my order was really nice and answered all of my questions. the fresh baked sweets smelled so good and I'm bummed I didn't think to get any but definitely next time! definitely got a new loyal customer. edit: went there again and got a red bean bun. it was super soft and delicious."

- Bri S

100% sweet, 100% fresh, 100% full of happiness